Full version of amazing flash game

By HappyDude

This is…. Well to be honest this is weird racing type of the game where there is a lot of… blood…. Yes you have heard me, game is realistic (maybe too realistic) and when you fail to land safely parts of your body fly in different directions. This is all what this game is all about, extreme tricks and safe landing. Playing Happy Wheels Full Version can be really enjoyable to b honest, sometimes it is even funny, I mean look of characters, your vehicle (if you can call it a vehicle) and different style of falling apart.

Anyways, game features many different tracks and maps; each track has its own unique relief and obstacles, except that there are different characters to play with and lots of different interesting stuff. Game has updates very often, so it is hard to find here bugs or other malfunctions (thanks to developers).

At first glance you might think that this game is ordinary dirt bike game, but you will change your mind soon enough after starting playing it. To be honest I think games like this should get different category, it is completely new type of the game, it is unique, it is very popular and it is addicting as well.

Happy Wheels Full Version

It is very easy to interact with this game; like in many other bike games arrow keys are responsible for movement, Z button allows you to save yourself, if you think you are about to crash don’t hesitate and press it and one more important thing to notice is that all characters have their own unique abilities and stunts, in order to use them press space bar and Ctrl button (main ability and secondary skill).

Well, I think you have some clear understanding now what you can find in Happy Wheels Full Version, some of you will enjoy it very much, some of you don’t, but in the and you will all agree that this game is completely different from everything else what you have seen before.

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